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Friday, June 29, 2007

Please, have a plum

Mmm, sweet and juicy. Fruit can cost an arm and a leg in Korea, but a lady sold these from the back of a truck for only 2,000 Won today. Maybe I'll bring them to share with my adult class in the morning.


Keesler said...

I'm so glad I found this blog! Recently, I have been accepted to teach English at a school in Suwon. (Maybe we will be working at the same school!)
This blog is such a great idea. I do have numerous questions though. And your post about long distance relationships has made me feel more optimistic about my boyfriend and I =/
I'll be reading more of your posts.

MUD said...

Next to tomatoes, plumbs are my fav. I just had to buy some after seeing your picture. Actually I went to the store and forgot the plumbs and bought ice cream. Oh well, it was the thought that counts. I hope Keesler will do as good a job posting as you have. I love your pictures and your unique look at Korea. MUD

Anonymous said...

i love you blog! since im going to seoul this fall i find you posts very interresting.

how do you post pictures anyway? im new with this blogging stuff. hope you could help me out.


Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Keesler- Hey, that's great. I thought the relationship one was a pretty silly post so I'm glad it served a purpose.
And welcome to Suwon! It's a great little city, so close to Seoul.

Ask me questions here in the comments section so others can benefit from the answers, or email me! Whatev.

Mud - Yummy, ice cream! It's like pay it forward. I think I'll get some today.

Anonymous - ONLY FOR LARGE FORMAT PICS: I upload them to a program called Photo Bucket, then click on the pic I've uploaded, copy the URL for website, and paste it into the "add a picture, url" Blogger posting space.