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Friday, June 22, 2007

Korean Gossip- Social Stories

Koreans have told me stories lately. Let me share a couple with you...

1. "I recently found out my ex boyfriend is telling people I'm dead. I have the password to his e-mail and occasionally check his outbox. He told his friends that I died tragically in a car accident."

2. A woman at my work, 40 and unmarried, said she forgot to bring an onion for her sandwich, and was randomly given one today. She said God helps her with the small things, through prayer, but not with the big picture. She wants a man to love her.

3. A Korean friend, whose girlfriend is now living in NYC, told me about the night they almost broke up. He is placid in character, but when his gf insisted their relationship was over and entered her apartment building, he punched a brick wall and drew blood.

He hadn't had a cigarette since the military service but he chain smoked a pack that night and paced as the sun came up. His girlfriend awoke at 7AM, and he was still waiting outside her apartment. She emerged in her work suit and said if he could wait the whole night, they could endure many things together.


Helena said...

Have you heard the story about people dying from sleeping in a sealed room with a fan on? Supposedly the fan uses up the oxygen or something.

Robyn Jones said...

i enjoyed these stories...they amused me!

Michael said...

Technically, I believe the fan 'pushes' the oxygen away, leading to inevitable, torturous death. Open your window an inch or two and you'll be ok ;)

Christians and onions now? When I was there, it was always pocket tissues you got handed by random strangers. I remember one phonetically troubled guy stopping me outside a football ground to ask if I believed in Chris, while pressing a pack into my open hand. I guess he took my look of confusion for a no.

John from Daejeon said...

I must be a medical miracle then. I've lived over thirty years, many of them in a closed room with a fan blowing air full blast. However, I doubt that the closed room was ever a true vacuum, as I would have surely succumbed to CO2 poisoning without oxygen to keep me alive due to my respiration and not the fan's.

I'm more worried about male types of cancer due to my laptop (lap--get it?) or brain tumors from cell/hand/mobile/portable phone usage.

The younger generation now has to worry about the early onset of arthritis or carpal tunnel due to all the nonstop texting.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

You guys are scary. hahaha. I do not want to know these things.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

thanks robyn!

i will serve up some true, bite-sized stories again

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! That's crazy stuff! Crazy because I can totally picture the gossip mill going. Too funny!

Peter Piper said...

Story #3 makes a deep point.

isn't it so true that no matter how attractive or well off -or even well hung- the guy may be; when a man falls in love he becomes completely whipped. because all girls know that they have this mystical-like power over men, and will always test the guys allegiance to her.

the game is on.