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Saturday, June 02, 2007

If you only had 24 hours to live

... and had invisible powers, what would you do? Spy George Bush shooting ducks on his ranch? Fly through the Louvre? Learn all the awful things you always suspected?

That was the question I asked my adult class this morning.

Pardon my armchair psychology but their answers were interesting. What was mine? Boring really. I would spend my final day with family and friends, on Charleston Lake. I wouldn't use my invisible powers.

One woman, inspired by a Korean movie, said she would spend hers with her boyfriend in an empty department store, trying on expensive clothing and relaxing on the sofa with a martini, TV playing. Everybody years for space and privacy in this country.

We discussed how awful it is to shop in Korea; malls are overcrowded and sticky. Salesladies push a belt or new lotion on you every 5 feet.

The man in my class, a new student, said he would get married. What amazed me was that his emphasis was on the license, the ring fit snugly around a woman's finger. He said he wanted a beautiful woman to marry him, and that was all. No soul mate on his horizon.

As an accountant in his 30's, living at home like most unmarried men in Korea, he wants to feel he has reached that life milestone and appeased his parents. He feels immense societal pressure to marry.


Michael said...

I attempted this topic once: one of my students told me he would launch simultaneous nuclear strikes on Japan and the USA.

I thought it best to move on.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

hahaha... some of my middle school students would give me a similar answer.

Ed said...

Wait...are our powers invisible or is invisibility the power?

Anonymous said...

Hello... Thanks soo much for your great and fun website. I started to watch Korean dramas here in the states, and I want to travel to Korea someday. I feel like that just happened (Thanks to your information and pictures) If I had one day to live, I would spend every second with my family.