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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Forcing you to look at my touristy photos continued...


Chrissy121875 said...

What fantastic photos!!!

My Korean students ALWAYS talk about Everland! It looks far more impressive than Canada's Wonderland and LaRonde! :)

Glad you're having a great time over there! I love reading your blog and checking out the photos!

MUD said...

We cannot be forced to view the photos, we chose to do so because of the talented eye taking them. Kind of like the modified saying, "You can lead a student to knowledge but you can't make him think". MUD

Michael said...

Nice to see Everland hasn't lost any of its tackiness.

Great fun though.

Roy said...

The only thing I liked about amusement parks in Korea is that the line is way way shorter than ones in America. Try standing in line for 2 hours at Disneyland for a 90 second ride. I was in Lotte World (Land?) on a weekend and it was virtually deserted. Although their indoor ice rink was nice (weird how they make you wear gloves while skating...).

Youngman said...

wuh~i really miss that place,, I went there when i was grade 4, I went to Disney land in France, but actually Everland was better ^^;

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Are you living in Korea, youngman?

Chrissy- Everland is very pretty, but most of the rides are geared towards children.

Mud- you're so cute.

Micheal- Koreans don't "get" tackiness! I almost mused, "YES" out loud, when I read your comment.

Roy- yes, a short wait for sure. Waiting in line for 2 hours under the sun is no parade. gloves while skating- really? I haven't been

Did you hear that there has been one death at LotteWorld for the last 3 years?