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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Did I say I love my camera?

Oh. My. God. There is no comparison in the quality! Do you agree? It's ridiculous; I'm so excited about it I can barely sleep. The old Cannon shots were even enhanced! Now I just need to learn how to take a professional photo. There are some great online resources.

Is it socially acceptable to take your camera to bed with you??

Fun weekend ahead (and the ability to capture it with this time), so stay tuned my friends. Watch as I attempt to cook Tae Hun Kimchi Dobap at my apartment. Come along to Korea's biggest amusement park. Take in a Han River boat cruise or art gallery with me. Want to drink Soju too? It's possible.


Ellie said...

have you tried these two websites?
digital photography school
they work for me. i hope they help. :)


Roy said...

I stumbled on your blog while procrastinating (my mind is overheated from studying for the bar exam). Nice pictures, made me feel a little bit nostalgic (was in Korea in '99). Keep posting more pictures, especially ones showing food.

Gdog said...

Tell me about it, I love my digital SLR. There is just so much more you can do with a camera. This website is pretty cool when it comes to explaining some photography terms:

Natasha said...

I'm soooo glad you're back!
Fantastic pics below btw!! I love the colour and yes - the quality is very enhanced! I'm always so attracted to pics of everyday life, shopping, and food haha

Keep the pics and info rolling =)

Nikon D40x eh? I'll look into that -- I'm looking for an SLR

Michael said...

Drinking soju's always possible but never ever advisable.

I knew a Russian in Busan who drank two bottles a day. It showed.

Ed said...

So I'm assuming you bought a new camera?

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Ellie and Gary- Sweet. Thanks so much for the sites!! They will come in handy handy.

Roy- Sure thing! I'll be eating a lot this weekend.

Natasha- You're such a sweetheart!! I would highly recommend this camera...

Micheal- I have about a shotglass or two of soju/month so I think I'm o.k.!

Roy- I'm the queen of procrastinating. I'm glad I could distract you.