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Thursday, June 14, 2007

TOP 10 Things I Miss about Canada


1. FRESH AIR. A horizon unclouded by a yellow ring. Sundays with family.


3. TIM HORTON'S for cheap, freshly brewed coffee & Iced Cappuccinos. (We have a knock-off Tim Hortons in Suwon, but it is a dimly lit bar selling $7 coffee):

4. TOQUES. Brrrave weather, not mild and indecisive. Ice storms. Enough snow to call in sick or build a snowfort. Enough autumn leaves to build a house.

5. HOLIDAYS. Because what self respecting adult doesn't want to root through a stocking or dress up as Brian Mulroney?

6. ROAD TRIPS. Spontaneous summer trips with best friends, beavers, salmon and grizzly bears (threw that in to educate you non-Canadians.)

7. MONTREAL. The melting pot of ethnicities with a Liberal mindframe. Can you blame me? Check out what the mountain looks like on Sundays:

8. Throwing HOUSE PARTIES. Small apartments force Koreans to party at a club or bar.

9. Chatting with my NANA online is great, but I'd rather we share cookies and tea over a game of Scrabble.

10. FRIENDS & FAMILY... who (shocker) speak pretty good English:

Special nods to cheap meat, fruit and vegetables, maple syrup, LEONARD COHEN (who I met in person), BACKYARDS (which I always took for granted), TREVOR FERGUSON (a great Canadian author, and my former professor), my Father's sense of humor, My Mother's ART and cooking, Mark's thoughtful and intelligent responses, Canada Dry Gingerale, Sarah Polly (an awesome Canadian actress), poutine, loons, Jim Carrey, and CBC. Eh?


Youngman said...

where? u ll gonna post it?

Fox said...

That kid is gonna be sellin' some quality goods!

Jane Milton said...

Eva! This is such an awesome post! I'm going to send this to my friend in the States, who loves all things Canadian. We're trying to go to all the provinces and territories. =)

I've been to PEI and I loved it! It's no Montreal, but I do have a funny story to tell you about the Montreal airport.

You're making me just miss home!

m said...

iced caps...yum ^^
they now sell 'iced cap supremes', which as far as i can tell is a regular iced cap with a flavour shot (ie. a shot of mint, hazlenut, vanilla, some other flavour) with whipped cream and another dollar or so added to the price - a complete rip off considering the poor substitute that they call 'whip cream'. Simply buy a regular iced cap with a flavour shot (I recommend mint - makes it that more refreshing) and bypass the whip cream and the money they make you pay for it. Similarly, if you ever wish for a mocha from tim hortons, ask for the 'half coffee/half hot chocolate' rather than 'mocha' to pay only the price of the coffee and to avoid the 'whip cream' and cardboard chocolate sprinkles.

erm... I guess this would be the point where I say that I read your blog regularly etc. - which is true... it makes me wish i was back there myself - 1 year is definitely not enough time :(

and... i'm not too sure about fresh air. I'm hearing smog warnings daily here in ㅜ.o

MUD said...

Being away from home and missing your family is normal. After a year in Vietnam I could not eat rice for a couple of years. During my stay there I ate only one good hamburger and never did get anything that compared to Burger King or Sonic. After a couple of weeks on the road I found that eating at fancy restaurants just didn't measure up to simple soup and cheese sandwiches made at home. One thing I really hated was the lack of a good cup of coffee. MUD

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

he he, glad y'all liked the list.

Ohhh Montreal airport story? sounds fun!

Iced cap "supremes?" Oh no, it's Starbucks-izing. Soon you'll be ordering at Tim Hortons short, non fat double chai latte, shot of mint without cream. I liked the simplicity of Tim Hortons.

Cheese sandwich as in grilled cheese?

Sam the Filmmaker in Korea said...

Sarah Polly is now a director as well. Her recent film "Away from Her" is doing quite well.

Josh said...

hi love,

Your list really made me laugh: when we took some of those pictures, I never imagined they would make a top ten Korea list, but now that they have it seems so right! I miss you.



Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Yeah I really want to see that movie, Sam.

I miss you Josh. :o/

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwwwww!!! This is such a great post! I actually had an Iced Cap at Tim Horton's today and thought of all my friends who are still teaching in Korea or in Japan. I even bought a few tins of Tim Horton's coffee and hot chocolate to send over to Suwon for a friend who is teaching there :)

Okay, as for missing poutine...I don't blame you! LOL! BUT it has to be poutine from Quebec and nowhere else! I'm from Montreal and I'm trying to tell my husband that poutine isn't real poutine if it doesn't come from Quebec! LOL! Have you ever had poutine from "La Belle Province"??? Anyway, I think that in Ontario we don't have real poutine because they don't use the right sauce/gravy and they don't have the right type of cheese curds. LOL! OMG...I'd better sign off now before I sound like a total and utter poutine snob! LOL!

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