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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Double Dakgalbi

I'm on my way to Seoul (late Sunday!!) but here are some photos, in the meantime:

After going out Saturday afternoon, Tae Hun and I found ourselves at the restaurant where we were first introduced. Skimming the menu he asked, have you ever had 닭갈비Dakgalbi (spicy stirfried chicken), and I said yes. Then it hit us. We had been there before.
Our nostalgic food was cooked on a metal plate, over charcoal, in the centre of the table. The waitor stirring our food was nice and jovial. If somebody has to hover over you as you eat, you may as well like them, right!?
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The chicken (7USD ea.) was sizzling hot, tossed with white cabbage, onions and rice cakes (log form) . We ordered our DAKGALBI + cheese "hot" (although my taste buds argued it was medium-spicy). People always underestimate the white girl's tollerance for heat.

The cheese was a yummy addition, but I prefer it without. By the way, I tried cheese 김밥 (kimbap) today as an alternative to chamchi kimbap and it was good, processed cheese and all. It's 2USD at most Kimbap Heaven restaurants.

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The men in my adult class gave me a warning. They said I should buy "expensive" kimbap because the cheap stuff includes low grade, dirty rice imported from China. They also told me to choose carefully the restaurants from which I get 자장면 (Jajangmyeon) because, "it is black for a reason." They have found hairs, flies and other delights in the dish. They totally ruined my 'Black Day' food for me. It's like those people who warn you that everything causes cancer. Don't chew gum with Aspartame! Don't leave open cans of food in your fridge for more than a day! Don't bake in the sun until you look like beef jerkey and have skin cancer. Ok- I agree with the last one.

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Above: My dramatic love-hate relationship with Dunkin Donuts. Yes, you are warm and sweet, Dunkin Original, you give me a jolt during my 6 day workweek, but you burn a hole in my wallet. 2USD for a regular coffee? I'm addicted, you're cruel.

Any other foreigners have secret Dunkin Donuts addictions?


Gdog said...

I tried dak-galbi once in Sinchon and it was good, but I think we went to one of the wrong spots because I was sick afterwards!

Nice pics, keep them coming! As for Dunkin Donuts, I'm not a fan. I do like the occasional Krispy Kreme though!

peter piper said...

what about the dog meat in some restaurants? i would enjoy seeing that sometime. my korean friend said it was great. i would so try it at least once if i went there.

and since you do look like my older sister, i'll call you luna...

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Ewww, Gary. It's hard to eat a food that made you sick, once upon a time.

There are no Krispy Kremes in Suwon. What do you like about the chain- coffee or donuts? I've never had.

PS- thought you were a die hard Starbucks fan. You've done many starbucks posts... Is it because it generates traffic? popular keyword search?

Little Brother:
Before I leave Korea, I will try dog meat... or at least go to a restaurant, take photos, smell it and pass out.
Where are you from?

daeguowl said...

Dalkgalbi is delicious....I would've thought it is pretty difficult to get sick by eating unless you start eating it before it's cooked through...

Ellie said...

My mouth is watering... because of the dakgalbi, not the Dunkin Donuts! I guess Dunkin Donuts is Korean? Mmm Krispy Kremes are great but very addictive I warn you!

kishor said...

dak kalbi is very tasty. I tried it in Kangnam. Do we have any Dak kalbi serving restaurant is Suwon?

Nothin without you said...

even i am search for a dak galdi resturant in Suwon. Is there any resturant serving Dak Galbi around Metan-3 dong.

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