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Friday, July 13, 2007

Tang Grill, Californian Rolls

Tang Grill Japanese restaurant is located near the Gate of Ajou University, across from Lotteria. These Californian rolls filled with tuna, rice, fish eggs and mayonnaise rang up at 4,000 W or 4USD. They came with a complimentary cup of miso soup and cabbage salad. The waiter (thanks mud) was great. Fans pointed at my table provided relief from the humidity.
I was first introduced to this restaurant by friends who ordered the pork cutlet with cheese. Yum. For those of you outside Korea, pork cutlet is VERY popular here, available at many Korean and Japanese restaurants- even "traditional" Kimbap Heavens. It often comes with fries.
I think the waiter thought I was a food critic because he was especially attentive when I pulled out my camera and notepad. Little did he know I was writing a to-do list for the day!

There were 9 big rolls on the plate, and I couldn't finish the last two.

If you've had Californian rolls, what do you think? Too much sauce? Too sweet? Too messy? Too perfect?


Anonymous said...

Has your Canadian computer left your spelling waiter as waitor? Yes, you need a visit to the Americas to keep you on keel. Did you read that North Korea is closing the karaoke bars as an evil influence on their people? Must be near the end if that's all it takes to push them over. MUD

K said...

Yummy yummy yummy for my tummy.

Now pork cutlets with Thon-ka-su sauce is the shiznick. (Slurp) You should try it.

There is a place in Chicago called Todai. It is an all your can eat Japanese seafood restaurant. The food is above average and the selection is great.

The only problem is that it cost a whopping $30 US dollars per person for dinner.

I certainly get my fill there but I would be just as happy to pay $4USD in Suwon.

Caio K

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Oh, thank you mud! that wasn't Canadian spelling. That was, "I shouldn't be teaching people!" spelling. Hah!

K- The Californian rolls are 4USD. The pork is usually 5 bucks... but a pretty good deal because it's a huge slab, battered, with cheese, melt in your mouth good. Mm.

Don't tell my boyfriend. He's Jewish. KOSHER, it's KOSHER pork.