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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Pressing Question!

Here is one of my coworkers teasing the kids, who are totally enamored- probably because the man himself is childlike. He's also a fantastic teacher.

He asks me ridiculous questions all the time because he has, "never known a foreign person." My eye color, skin color, hair, height, weight (I could go on) have all been scrutinized.

He's like a girl. If I wear a different color lipstick he wants to know why. I find myself inventing answers because there usually are none! My skin is pale. It just is. Yes you can examine it.

Today I said I don't like the crushed ice, whipped cream and red beans desert, with fruit from a can- although I'm sure it's better for me than a towering scoop of ice cream.

WELL he informed me, there's a Polish girl in Korea who enjoys red beans so much she eats a bean sandwich everyday- and she makes the crushed ice sundae a couple times a week. He said it really makes him happy she enjoys beans so much.

I asked how he knows her. Does she go to Ajou University? "I saw her on TV," he replied.

The girl and I are both foreigners. She's from Poland. I'm from Canada. It baffles him. Why does she like the desert when I do not?


Still Born said...

There's a Vietnamese restaurant I go to and I get a version of that: crushed ice, coconut milk, red beans, 'jelly', and some yellow stuff. LOVE IT.

Helena said...

That's hilarious. I once had a Korean lady ask me, "Do foreigners like this song?" when a certain song came on the radio. I said, "Well, *I* like it." Ha.

Helena said...

Oh, and I like the goldfish bread with the red bean paste, but I've never had the bingsu.

supersoulfly said...

Well there is obviously something wrong with you Eva. I recommend that you go see a doctor immediately. Maybe there is a support group for foriegners in Korea that don't know how to conform.

Anonymous said...

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Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Still Born- Maybe the Vietnamese version is a little different! The way you describe it? Sounds pretty yummy!

Helena- So funny. You know, when people ask questions like that I'm sometimes so ... (insert heavy sigh) that I sometimes give a blanket response about all Canadians. "No, Canadians don't really like kareoke." a black and white answer is satisfying- probably like me in regards to Koreans sometimes! Gives the world the semblance of order.

Soulfly- Yes, sign me up already!

Knicksgirl- No spamming. bad bad bad.

lily said...

Hi, just a random guest. I know this post was from a loooong time ago, but i just wanted to comment :)

I'm a Korean student studying at an American college, and I get the same questions/responses all the time-- "Do Koreans like this?" etc etc, and my friends think all Koreans are like me (although I'm far from being a typical Korean...) So i think it's a universal thing.