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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Lists of Complaints, by Stuart Zehner

Well, it's 3:55 AM. I can't sleep. In order to extend my VISA I need to buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong tomorrow. I was just listening to crickets and turning over my pillow for the millionth time when I decided to check my e-mail. I got a link to this Korea-themed list poem. Made me laugh. Thanks, Greg:

Timothy McSweeny's poetry site.

Two Lists of Complaints.
- - - -
1. Complaints My Middle-School Students in Korea Had About Our School's Food.

"The rice is cold."
"The kimchi is dry."

2. Complaints American Middle-School Students Would Have If They Were Served Korean Food.

"There's an entire fish in my soup."
"The fish in my soup still has eyes."
"The fish in my soup with eyes is full of fish eggs."
"What is this?"
"They made me eat off a metal tray with chopsticks."
"I was served a vertebra."
"This salad is clearly made from the bush in the front of the school."
"I told you last week I don't like fish eggs!"
"The menu says we're having chicken anus for lunch."
"The live baby octopus you served me stuck to my throat and died."
"This is dog meat."
"It's too spicy."
"The rice is cold."
"The kimchi is dry."


Helena said...


Hong Kong! How cool!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I am going to HongKong in Nov and backpacking Europe in Dec. Christmas at my aunt's in Paris, with my long lost Canadian boyfriend and my grandmother who is flying there from Canada.

This is the tentative plan. More exciting things too but I can't say. No wonder I can't sleep.

Jane Milton said...

Hi Eva! Hope you're enjoying Hong Kong. Seems like you are filled with plans.!

Anyways, I know your a lover of art, and my mom's art is being recognized, among other artists at the Sejong Art Gallery, commonly known as the Gwanghwamun Gallery. Click over to my webpage and I'll explain more! I hope you can make it, as it showcases different kinds of art from different artists. And, my mom is there. But, the bad thing is that it's until this Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007. Boo. Still, I *do* hope your readers and you come and take a look. Cheers! - Jane

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...


No no, won't be in hong kong for about a month and a half, I just had to book my ticket.

I'm going to look into the art now! I didn't know your Mom was an artist! Mine is too. I'll try to check it out, and also make a post tomorrow to advertise

Jane Milton said...

Thanks for advertising it Eva! Obviously the pic that I added is *not* my mom's; that's Georgia O'Keefes. But my mom's style is rather unique, much like O'Keefes.

I knew your mom was an artist, hence the shout out. =)

Cheers! - Jane

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