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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hitchhiking in Korea. Or, meet my hero.

Last Sunday I headed to a gallery I thought was just outside of Seoul. I took a bus, the subway, another bus, and the driver told me to get out- in the middle of nowhere. The sun was beginning to set and I knew the gallery would soon be closing. I was hours away from Suwon.
There are farms all around me. Where are the buildings? The crowds of people? The cars? Finally a jeep came to the stop sign where I was pacing, map in hand. I ran onto the road. "Stop, please stop!" I shouted at him. He rolled down the window.
Where is **** gallery, I asked in Korean. A 40 minute walk away. Wonderful. He told me to get into his car. He only looked about 20 yrs. old and I noticed a girl in the front seat. OK. Safe enough.
They drove me to the gallery and I arrived just as it was closing. I thanked them for their generosity, exasperated because there would be no time to tour and I had zero idea how to get back to Suwon.
So nice of you to go out of your way. Where were you headed, in the first place, I asked him. "Suwon, to meet my friends. But I have to drive my sister home first." SUWON?! When he found out that was my destination, he said he'd return to get me in 15 minutes, when I was through taking photographs. We'd go together.
We became instant friends on our long drive to Suwon, laughing about destiny. He said he wants to be re-payed with dinner and an English lesson.


Helena said...

Oh my goodness. That is a great story. Sounds like somebody was looking out for you!

C said...

I think it's so amazing how people enter each other's lives in a way that at the time is seemingly random. What a neat twist of fate.

PS. Your photographs are gorgeous, Eva!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

My Grandmother mailed me a horrible letter about how I could have been left in a dumpster somewhere. it was lovely.

took the beauty right out of my serendipity

C said...

Yes, the thought did cross my mind, but I'm sure you trusted your gut instinct :) I've hitch hiked in Japan once. I was clueless as to how to get to the train station and I was in the middle of nowheresville (aka the countryside just outside Hiroshima). I was with my mom, brother and a friend though.

I'm always intrigued by how certain people enter each other's lives in a way that is meaningful. Then there are others who you just don't know why your paths crossed!

I certainly would think twice about hitch hiking in Montreal or Toronto though! ;)

Amanda said...

So have you had a real date with this guy? ^^

I once got a ride somewhere. I'd been here less than two months but the guy was so pushy, in a friendly way. Nothing bad happened.

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