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Monday, September 17, 2007

Just out of curiosity, who are you?

For Example:
Student in Seoul.
Suburban housewife, Iowa.
Jazz musician, Chicago.

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Lisa said...

Hi Eva,
I am Lisa, mom of 3 living in the S.F. Bay Area (California). I am blonde, blue eyed, American--but love to watch Korean Dramas--and love reading about life in Korea. I read your blog daily, and really enjoy it. You right well and take great pictures. I found you through the Dailykimchi--unfortunately he is no longer in Korea, and I miss that!
Lisa :)

Lisa said...

I meant to say you "write well" :). It is late and I have already had my sleepytime tea, so my brain is fried. You also have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! What is your secret? Some kind of bionic Korean mascara? Or just amazingly long lashes of which I should be very jealous?
Stay at home mom and suburban housewife (makes me sound like Mrs. Brady)

Yoo-yong said...

seoul 역삼 to be precise

Paul A. Kroll said...

SO MANY HITS!!! How dooooo you do it? Whatever it is keep it up, and send some my way ;)

MUD said...

Retired Kansan. MUD

Josh said...

Jewish Montrealer

peter said...

I'm your unknown brother, luna...(and again, you really do look similar to my real sis.)I was born in California, grew up in a large city in the Pacific Northwest, typing this in Arizona at the moment. (You asked me awhile back where I was from.)
Occasionally, I visit New York and plan on permanently living there in the future.

In regards to your prior entry:
My current girfriend is caucasian, but she likes asian culture (as I do.) and certain asian guys, like bad-boy looking, Hero. And my ex would be called a 'white washed' Korean-American (she can't speak Korean, nor wants to learn.) She's a very beautiful, exceptional girl. umm... My, i shouldn't praise her since the current girlfriend knows your blog now and most likely will look again. hah

Yes, I dropped the piper on the peter...<-somehow that just sounded arbitrarily dirty. haha..anyway. Now, I'm just rambling.

Anonymous said...

British EFL teacher in Japan, thinking about South Korea for my next job. Thanks for the blog - I really enjoy it! :-)

John from Daejeon said...

ESL teacher in Daejeon. One month into my second year here. Former farm boy and TV executive.

Jasper said...

I actually found your blog through the Wikipedia page for Suwon! I'm over here with my wife and our cat for a year. She's a student at Ajou, and I dropped my career-driven life in the Netherlands to come along with her. I'm sparingly looking for a new position right now, but honestly still enjoying a few more days of vacation before getting serious about it. Your blog is in my iGoogle RSS tracker together with Thedailykimchi; always enjoy reading about other foreigners' experiences here in Korea!

Anonymous said...

Graduate student at Iowa. I'm Korean-American adoptee.

wtf? glutinous rice donuts?

Hye-Shik Chang said...

Graduate student in Daejeon. Thanks for interesting articles!

Jack said...

Sales guy in Silicon Valley.
More pics of EVA please...

Jack said...

Sorry, that came out a bit stalker-ish...
I enjoy all the food / touristy pics also.

Still Born said...

Whoa there, Jack.

So, what IS the word for glutinous rice donuts?

Ellie said...

British student, 17, final year of school, would love to do what you're doing one day =)

Helena said...

I'm not any of those people. I originally got to you through a link on . I was an LDS missionary in Korea in 92-93 and was able to go back again twice (once to teach English with my husband, which was a lot of fun) so I have an interest in Korean stuff. I hope we can go back again soon!

I don't know about the glutinous rice donuts. Some kind of dduk?

yuna in L.A. said...

hi eva. came across your blog through the korean blogroll. i really enjoy and look forward to your posts everyday. i'm a korean-american Los Angeleno. I've never been to Korea and actually hope to visit next year so reading your blog is helpful and fun.

As for the word for Glutinous Rice Donuts: 꽈배기. (GGWAH BEH GI) They are oh so yummy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,

I'm a Civil Engineer working in Land Development in Las Vegas.
Originally from Canada, I spent a year teaching English in Seoul before moving stateside. your stories are interesting and great photography.

Will you be extending beyond 1 year?
(coming up soon)

Joe said...

Your cousin, in Vienna Austria. When are you coming home? Want to fly home via Vienna? Think about it.

Keesler said...

Future ESL teacher in Korea but currently residing in Virginia. I'll hopefully be leaving soon!

jiyoon said...

Korean-Canadian from Toronto.
Arriving in Seoul on Sept 27 =)
Wow, so many page hits!!

Anonymous said...

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Eric said...

Wow ... 23 comments and only one gratuitous advertisement! I'm a boring white Dad of 3 in Canada who was introduced to your Blog by your Mom (your biggest fan). I never miss a post! My favourites are the regular everyday things like pictures of food and people going about their daily routines. Also the pictures and stories of your students.


Helena said...

Oh, I'd like to take a stab at "what is there to do in seoul during chuseok?" Ummm... nothing?

Becky said...

I'm a craft designer living in Suwon for a three year stay with my husband.

Gail T. said...

toddler teacher in Seattle.
future South Korea visitor. :)

supersoulfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

This is like CHRISTMAS! So fun! Thanks for responding, I'm shocked. As shocked as Eric, ha ha

Hi everybody!

Peter - hope that comment goes down OK with your New non-Korean girlfriend. By the way, it's so exciting that Koreans read this blog. COMMENT. Correct me. Even if you're Korean American.

Lisa- My eyelashes are pretty long, but not as long as somebody else's. My Momma used to cut hers as a teenager because they curled up to her eyebrows! insanity.Use a volumizing mascara, any kind.

Helena - "what is there to do in seoul during chuseok?" There are palaces open, and traditional events. People can get info on the website. There's an article on the holiday, and what to do.

Hi Ellie, Still Born, Jack, John Mud Josh YooYong, Hye, supersoulfly, becky, gail, jiyoon, keesler, yuna .... ETC. Thanks for dropping a line.

Natasha said...

Hey Eva,
I'm 20, Chinese, 2nd generation, and I go to SFU.
You know I absolutely love your blog!
My favourites are the interviews, Trends, Facts, your top 10's, and basically anything to do with people around my age.
I'm hoping to go to Korea next August!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,

I'm a Korean Canadian from Vancouver who came across your blog from The Korean Blog List website.


peter said...

Eva, actually, I'm a white boy with blue eyes...and because of your blog, I'm considering teaching in Korea for a year. :)

I even bought a Pimsleur Korean language course on ebay. It's used by FBI and CIA agents to rapidly learn laguages within a few weeks. I used it before to learn Spanish. Korean will be more difficult, I'm certain. Luckily, I'm great with accents. My goal is to speak a few languages, maybe 5, so I can say I'm a polyglot. I love that word. Hah

Christi said...

20-year-old student from Texas, studying in Daegu. :)

I'm planning on coming up to Seoul for Chuseok, actually. I've got the train ticket bought, now I'm just working on securing a hostel or guest house to stay at. Ahh!

Helena said...

I was in KwangJu during Chuseok and the place was *dead*.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Peter , I know you aren't Korean ... I didn't mean to group the "I'm excited Koreans read the blog" thing with the note to you.

Learning to READ Korean is easy enough but it's speaking, listening and VOCABULARY that i wish you luck with.

Are you Christi? Have fun! Actually I have a book from the government about cheap motels and hotels so if you're stuck i can give you some recommendations!

I'm going to check out some palaces during my days off, so we'll see. "Dead " might be nice for a change in seoul!

Robin said...

American woman teaching at a women's uni in Seoul. Been here off and on for ~10 years.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Natasha <3 you are so sweet.

Hi Korean-Canadian from Vancouver!
I hear you're in good company (the island is swarming with koreans)

I'd love to read YOUR personal site, robin, if you have one! do you?

shanju_cool said...

university of toronto student, toronto, canada. if all else fails i ll become an ESL teacher too.

Anonymous said...

28 year old college student (don't judge me) ;) from Dallas, TX. I started reading your blog before going to Suwon myself this summer. I fell in love with Suwon and Korea while I was there and am hopefully moving there in May after I *finally* graduate. :) Thanks for the blog. Reading it is part of my daily routine. It was useful info before, during, and after my stay in Suwon. Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

4th Grade Teacher; Pensacola, Florida

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,

I've been reading your suwon site for the past couple of months now and this is the first time I'm making a comment. I really enjoy readying your blog, especially the people you've come across while living in Suwon. Keep up the good work, judging by the number of comments by the others, it looks you got a solid fan base going on!

Oh btw, I'm a 36 year old korean-american male from NYC. I also think you're pretty darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

receptionist, canada, female
My daughter is an ESL teacher in you blog keeps me in touch with all things Korean, Thankyou!

kiwi said...

22 yr old Chinese-New Zealander, in my last year of uni and hoping to try esl teaching in korea either next year or the year after. Do you think its better to go straight after uni or get some work experience in career area you studied for first?
BTW i love your blog, have been visiting your site almost every day since the start of the year

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Hey Kiwi. thank you!!! : )

Nah, I'd head straight to Asia if you're going to do the ESL thing but don't plan on being a teacher in the long run.

Anonymous- Does your daughter have a blog? You should convince her to make one!

Thanks for reading, Korean American male from NYC! hahaha!

4th grade ... a very good age. Hello teacher from Florida.

Anonymous - Welcome back to Suwon in May! I won't be here but I'm sure the city will have open arms. It is a great place, isn't it. So close to seoul, and with so much character.

Shanju-Cool - But I hope you want to be a teacher because , although i love kids, I'm not that interested in being a teacher, and after 10 months, I can FEEL that it's time for me to stop teaching. The kids deserve someone more devoted to their progress. I feel a bit guilty.

Yousef said...

I'm a friend of Sunny/Sung Il, from Montreal and now in Seoul. He pointed me to this website so I can see the experiences of a fellow Montrealer teaching in Korea :) Love the pictures and interviews!

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Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Cool, hey Yousef! How do you like Seoul? I haven't seen Sonny forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey my name's Chris, I am also from Canada- Toronto actually. Im moving to Jangan-gu, Suwon, within the next two weeks or so, and was wondering if you had any advice or tips maybe in terms of preparation or getting settled. Ive done a bit of research myself but nothing beats first-hand experiences, so if you or anyone else reading this whose been there has any words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated. My email/msn is

Anonymous said...

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