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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saturday Night Korean Style

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I've been at the hagwon for 10 months now and they FINALLY recruited another foreign girl! Look how happy I am to have Stephanie in the picture! She's from Manchester, she has big blue eyes and an adorable accent. I taught her some lessons last night.

Lesson 1: Stephanie, we do not drink our soju like "this."

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Lesson 2: No night is complete without norebang. Choose God-awful English music (like Westlife) and you'll be well liked by your Korean company.

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Lesson 3: With your drink, order a big cheese and corn platter or spicy seafood soup. Yes, this is a bar. We know you've just had dinner.

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Lesson 4: Disco balls are not tacky. Please don't suggest it.

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Lesson 5: You mustn't mingle with the other tables. Stay at your respective seat. Talk with the friends you came with.


Christopher Board said...

Hey Eva.

This is a reminded to change your messenger password ha.

Keep in touch.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Hey Chris, I know!!! There's definitely like 3 computers at random PC rooms turning on my MSN regularly.

How do I change it: the password?

peter piper said...

hmm I think I see a wild streak in your eyes, luna..haha.. I once had the worst hangover from drinking too much saki, soju and beer one night. College, you know...Good times.

To change your MSN messenger password, just change the password in your hotmail account connected to your messenger. Click 'options,' there on the upper right. Then click 'personal,' and then a page pops up where you'll see 'password.' There's another way too, but that should work. ;p

C said...

Hey Eva!
Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun over there! I miss my Japan days sometimes!! Instead of soju, it was sake for us!

It's always so much fun to have other foreign teachers working with you :)

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I did just that peter! thanks a bunch! i was dreading my visit to the PC bang

Chrissy- How long did you stay in Japan? only the year right ?

David said...

Hello! Do you still live in Suwon? I just landed a teaching job there and I want to meet some friends!

aljensen said...

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