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Friday, September 28, 2007

Korean Quotes as of late!

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"hey sweetie.
did you just slept 2 hrs?
you must be more tired than me (me 2 and half hrs. lol )
sometimes your life style looks so korean.
i'm so surprised compared to early of this year." - e-mail from friend, Tae Hun

"When boys are young, like 8 or 9, they like their Moms best but when they get old, like 10, they prefer their Dads because Dads can play sports like basketball and soccer." - 10 year old boy

"Sorry, I don't read much. There are more efficient ways of getting information, like the Internet." - A coworker

"On Chuseok we were so tired from the drive to Grandma's that Dad and I slept all day while Mom cooked. The next day we woke up at 6:00 in the morning, ate our big meal, and I went back to bed because Dad let me have a drink of Soju." - 15 year old boy

From the mouths of teenage girls:

"My family left me home alone on the holiday because I have midterms in 3 weeks. It was boring and lonely and I secretly watched TV instead of studying."

"I would rather go on vacation with my family than friends because it would be more exciting."

"If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Machu Picchu because the air looks good and it is mysterious."

"I want to visit Switzerland because chocolate is my favorite food."

"My boyfriend doesn't have good face but he is kind."

"My boyfriend won't hold my hand and we've been together for 2 weeks! We went to norebang 3 times already. When we were friends he acted normal but now he acts so weird.?"

"Dad is soft for tears. When my younger brother cries, Dad takes me aside and asks me to let him win at the computer game."

"I forgot to get a haircut so my teacher used scissors to cut it and then hit my legs with a ruler, in front of everybody."


Sam said...

That last one is chilling.

peter said...

yes, the last one might be considered a crime in the west nowadays... depends how hard the teacher hit, i suppose. my dad told me he got whacked once here as a kid though.

Tyler Seed said...

I heard Cosby's starting a new show. "Koreans Say the Darndest Things."

One of the teachers I know was also told she "doesn't have a good face." At least you know where you stand.

Janinel said...

Over Chuseok I met a 12 year old boy who told me "The Japanese are an ugly race. They have bad teeth and fat cheeks". He then asked me if there were "Blacks" living in Canada. I didn't quite know how to respond! He meant well...

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

They are hit pretty hard Peter. I've often seen red marks, like welts

Oh absolutely... my students are always adament that Koreans are the most beautiful of all Asians

Tyler- : ))