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Monday, October 08, 2007

Seoul <3

I've been busy. I will post tonight. I only have a few more weeks left in Korea, so some things need to be said before I go.

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Natasha said...

That's a neat picture of that girl with the drum. When I think of Seoul, I don't really imagine her type walking around. But of course there always are some!
Are a lot of the restaurants on the 2nd level like in Hong Kong and Taiwan?

supersoulfly said...

Not quite the same as the image of Korea I have stuck in my head today. A man was urinating in the middle of the plaza by my work. This was not what I wanted my first experience with nudity in Korea to be.

Jane Milton said...

Hi Eva:

Nope, they haven't emailed, but I'll let you know if they do!

If I am *ever* in Montreal, I'm going to ring you up! The last time I was there, my roommate was held up in the airport security because the women cop was "cruising" for guys. She was 45 years old.

Cheers, Jane.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Natasha- Actually they were from a church group, and tried to give me a pamphlet on "our lord."

Supersoulfly- It's the double hook. Hook twice the light and you hook twice the darkness, too. Although I'm pretty sure it's possible to see a guy peeing in any metropolitan city, no?

hahahhahhah Jane, seriously?

You should write to her (my boss, not the cop). Things are really hectic at the office right now.

Please do! You're more than welcome to stay with me in Montreal. It is the best city in the world. I keep saying that lately, maybe trying to convince myself =)

Jane Milton said...

We were on our way to PEI, home of my favourite novel, Anne of Green Gables. And her co-worker, who was this young buck, said, literally, "Hey (name) stop cruising for guys and get back to work." No joke.

Are you going to keep this blog? I hope so. I would love to see what you're going to do after you leave Korea.

I *will* let you know if I'm ever up there, but let me know as well if you are ever in DC. You are also welcome to stay in my rather cool pad. You can see the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill from the wrap around balcony. ^^

I'll email your boss. Most def. What's her email?

Cheers, Jane

Anonymous said...

Yup, very true. I saw these two men pee on the side of the road in daylight here in Sydney. I mean, they were pissing in the bush so it doesnt really matter, does it?

daeguowl said...

If you're playing I-spy, a bloke peeing is probably worth a single point...a woman on the other hand would be worth 100 points :)

Helena said...

I saw several men relieving themselves in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, on New Year's Eve. There were tens of thousands of people down on the waterfront, (and lots of drinking going on, I'm sure) and only a few porta-potties. At least they were turned away from the crowd.

Tracy said...

I hope you enjoyed your year in Korea, I know I loved it while I was there (2 years) and your pictures remind me of why.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Jane- just go to the site and reply to the "We Want You" ad. Her name is Kyung-hee.

Tracy, Helena etc. yes, I think Korea haunts you forever:o( i will miss it but will definitely visit again.

Daeguowl - hahahaha.