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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gangnam, Seoul

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Let's start with dessert first! Hwan, Min and I had a vanilla treat at Red Mango (a Korean frozen yogurt chain) in Gangnam. I have an interesting story about our internet experience, there!

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We ordered Western-style food (pasta, nachos and chicken) but ate it communally, with the plates in the center of the table. This is one example of assimilation. Back home I was pretty squeemish about food-sharing.

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We dined at "Captain Hook" restaurant in Gangnam, and later went to a Japanese oddang bar where we drank yogurt flavored soju, and shared oddang soup. Hwan (my old roommate) said he'd like to open an oddang bar in Montreal, Canada. I think it would go over well!

I've been going out a lot lately because I only have 4 weeks of teaching left and am trying to see friends as often as possible before I jet off to Hong Kong and Europe, in mid November.

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Hiroko (Japanese) and Min (Korean.) I asked them to kiss for a photo tonight but Min said, "maybe in Japan! In Korea we can't kiss in public!" The younger generation is actually very affectionate . You often see teenagers hugging on the street, but Min is a pinch traditional.


Helena said...

Aww, they're cute! That fruit looks good.

Grace said...

Are you leaving Korea for good? :(

Gabriel J Allison said...

Off to Europe huh....I hope you plan on spending time in Spain (It is the best country in the world ; )!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Yes Grace, I am. I was going to stay longer but life is feeling short and I decided I want to spend it with the people I love: my friends, family, boyfriend, especially my Nana who is like a second mother to me.
... I feel like it's time.

Gabriel - We might, I'm not sure. need to iron out the travel plans

Helena- How can I thank you for the banners??? They blew me away, they're so amazing. Is there anything i can do for you?

Yes the yogurt fruit dish was pretty good... although Korean-ized with little rice cake balls and corn flakes, jam ... stuff that would have shocked me when i first arrived in korea!

Jane Milton said...

Eva: So you *are* leaving. Well it seems we'll be on the same coast, just in different countries. I hope you are going to keep your blog. I would love to hear what you're to do in Montreal.

It's OK you didn't get to go to the Gallery showing. I'll put up some pics so it'll seem like you were there. Maybe next time! =) You're mom's paintings are beautiful, btw. Watercolour is one of the hardest mediums to work.

Do they still have Red Mango?! I *love* Red Mango and they left both Miguem station and the COEX. I am yoghurtless. Ugh. Does anyone know where I can get some fro-yo near the COEX? Please? There are like 100 Baskin Robbins, no fro-yo.


Joe said...

Hey Eva,
Any idea where you'll be visiting in Europe? I have trips to Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Paris on the next four weekends but would love to meet up with you if you'll be in the area. You should stop by Vienna and we can see the Nutcracker at the Opera house, stroll through the Christmas markets with roasted chestnuts and punch, then go to a traditional Heurigen for some Wiener Schnitzel, Kartoffelsalat, and WeiƟbier. If not, I'm sure you and Josh will have an amazing time. I suggest visiting Prague and Krakow, beautiful (and cheap) cities.

jiyoon said...

Yoghurt soju is popular in Toronto. If you go to a Korean pub, you can order it. But it's expensive.

In Korea, it's not common to kiss in public. My boyfriend and I don't kiss at all in public unless we know we can't be seen while we're walking, but we hold hands and hug each other all the time.

Red mango is actually popular with girls.. not so much for guys. Guys go with their girlfriends, but it's not common to see them just walk in by themselves I think...

I'm glad you're making the most of your time left in Korea~ I leave even sooner than you do, so it's difficult for me to meet all my friends. They are all in school or working now, so we can only meet on weekends or during evenings!

Jane Milton said...

Hey Eva:

I got your message and thanks! I meant to post the pics from the gallery this weekend, and then I got a bit sick.

Will post tonight.

Cheers, Jane.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Jane did she write you ???

Hey Joey, Josh I won't be in Europe until mid-December and I think we're going to do France and England... I will get back to you for sure!!!

Helena - I will have Tae Hun phone for you today. I have no phone right now.

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