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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lovely little ones.

I am writing this because my middle of the night glass of green tea was a bad idea! I can't get back to sleep.

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I love you because you are the "Juice Monster." You bring sticky bottles of sugar water to class everyday, and pour some into the cap to share with your classmates, maintaining your popularity. We have history, and I've been lucky enough to watch you grow up over the year- and develop your English. I love you because you rest your head against my arm during storytime. I know you're sensitive even though you put on an act in front of the other boys. And you never cease to stump me with the most clever hide and seek spots.

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I didn't have a little sister until I met you. More than teacher and student, we are friends. I will miss treating you to ice cream, the pride I've felt strolling down the street with my little ballerina, a bright spot in everyone's day. I'm sorry I was too clumsy to master your dance moves. I hope you are always playful and quick to laugh.

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You have served as an inspiration to me. You've come through hardships stronger than any adult I know, totally unconcerned with public perception. You say the most poignant things when I least expect it and you look at me like you see right through.


Anonymous said...

Anytime I need a lighthearted laugh, I'll just look at the first picture again. Rofles. :)

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

that's his distinguished, scholarly look

peter said...

We all have favorite teachers we remember when we grow up. I recall, Mr. Lee and Miss Goldstein in middle school. You made a great impression in their young psyches... and they will recall Miss McKinnon as one of their favorites as adults.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Miss McKinnon, no.


"Eba teachuh"

"Eba teachuh!! Eba teachuh!"


"Play game, Eba teachuh!"

"When we finish our work!"

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