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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Korean Students

A class leaning over my desk as I mark their tests. Are they not happy with the grades? The boy on the right looks like he's about to start a petition!

We change classes every 3 months, and I got a lively new bunch on Monday. Here are some questions they asked me:

1. Are you Australian?
2. How much money do you make- your salary?
3. Where your Mom live? Do you miss her a lot?
4. Can you eat Korean food, or only bread and stuff?
5. If you have a boyfriend, can I see a picture?
6. Are you human?


Eric said...

It might be almost as much fun to hear how you answered those questions!


MUD said...

Yesterday I subbed as a High School Chemistry teacher. Today I subbed for a third grade teacher. I'm not sure which was tougher. The class work may have been harder fpr the Chemistry but the on you feet and in your face of third graders made for a full day also. The questions you got asked aren't much different than those asked here other than the boy friend question. Yes, My wife is Mrs Petty the Teacher at Tecumseh South. Yes, I'm old, lets see, about 95 (really 59 1/2) I'm retired from the Military. You can call me Mr Petty, Colonel, sir but don't call me late for lunch. Yes, I did come in on the truck, just not the turnip truck. Of course I was born at night, just not last night. Yes, I hate it when that happens but you know, I hate tattle tales more. Love the kids, but it does seem like a lot of work for little money. MUD

Josh said...

hi baby, I love you.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Eric- What would YOU have said?

Mud- You must have some teaching tricks up your sleeve. You've been at it so long.

Josh- "Baby?" This not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman is turning into a young lady in Korea, believe it or not.

Josh said...

You're still my baby

Sara said...

Hi Eva,
I really like your blog.
I'm from Italy and I was in South Korea last year.
I do understand what you mean... ^^
I remember children stopping me in the middle of a road or in a park just to say hello and ask some was so funny!

It was a great experience, I miss Korea a lot ^^

Enjoy South Korea.
Take Care

Eric said...

Ahhh ... turning the tables on me, I will answer as if I was you:
1. No mate!
2. None of your business.
3. Canada and yes!
4. A little bread but mostly stuff!
5. You are/he is and can I take your/his picture?
6. Yes, but only during daylight hours!

Now that would be fun!


Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Sara- Thank you. Me too- I'd recommend a year in Korea to anyone.

Eric- Hahaha. That's something along the lines of what I said, but better.Your answers made me laugh out loud!!! Thank you.