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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Inside the Mind of Korean Students

If you have a few minutes, I'd love an analysis of my Korean students' teacher centered art-- preferably before report card time so I know which ones are exemplary students ; )

1. This hideous monster was drawn on the board by a little boy named Justin. Apparently the monster is campaigning for me. That's, "I like Eva," not "I am like Eva."

2. The boy drew himself as... Hulk Hogan? He's doing some kind of muscle-dance. The 'E' is cut off, but I'm at the left, with a ponytail, bawling my eyes out. I think the proportions are interesting. He's statuesque and I'm so very, very small.

3. Dawn drew me with Rapunzel-like hair, on a stage. Today is White Day in Korea (Korea's Valentine's Day for women), so the boy in the picture must be handing me flowers.

4. This one has nothing to do with 'teacher' but it made me laugh. It's "dinosaur jiggae."


Anonymous said...

haha! the Dinosaur jjigae is so creative and hilarious!

Anonymous said...

in the hulk hogan picture you are also crying a stream of tears! is it because you are so impressed with the muscle dance?

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Only in the Hulk Hogan picture am I crying a stream of tears. I think you're confused!
And yes that boy's creativity tops the charts. I have a class with only him and it's so much fun.

We're absolutely in love with each other. Yesterday we drew each other's portraits without looking at the page and we ended up in fits of laughter, on the floor!

He was so shy he couldn't speak to me for our first 2 months together, so it's such a joy to see him open up.

He never fails to surprise me with his innovative mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva! Happy "pi" day (3.14). My "pi" day was awesome. I had the day off. I don't know if all the hagwons in Daejeon, or just my own franchise (44 franchises in Daejeon alone), had the day off for owner/teacher meetings. For a fee, teachers are exempt from attending (thank you owner). So, I was able to spend a lazy day at home without the craziness of "White" day and on "hump" day to boot. I was just recently given a 2-4 hour Saturday class, and the addition of which is tougher on my body than I thought it would be--gettin' older. The day off came at a perfect time to recharge the batteries.

My kids like to draw their masterpieces on the tops of their desks, even after I offer them paper to use instead. They especially don't like to erase their work, but everyone of them knows what an "eraser" is.

MUD said...

I would not make any generalizations other than Kids draw. I have spent a lot of time in classes this last month or two and see pictures on everything from Pre-School to High School. I am the most glad when it is on paper but it is their body, books and clothes. It would have taken most little boys two months to stop being silly whit a cute teacher. I think my Art teacher was so cute that I never got over my "puppy Love" Oh well, 39 years with my one and only wife made up for that. MUD

Gary said...

I love it when the kids draw pics like that. Some of them are actually pretty talented!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

John from Daejeon: I'm starting adult Saturday classes in April. I committed to 3 months of it, did i really do myself in?

glad you enjoyed your day off ;o)

Mud: Do YOUNG BOYS (like 11) really get 'crushes' on women? Never would have thought it.

G'Dog: Totally. I feel like telling them to pursue art instead of engineering to make their Pa happy.