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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feet Feedback

Shocker. Asking my adult students to explain Korean culture is more fruitful than questioning 7 year olds who have just discovered their belly buttons.

I brought in my 'Culture of Feet' article this morning and got interesting feedback:

1. "Nice shoes are important in the business world. If a Korean man wears sneakers, people assume he's between jobs."
2. "It's important not to wear shoes in the home because the floor is where we eat and sleep."
3. "Most Koreans have separate bathroom, balcony and living room slippers."
4. "My friend's mother has a pair of high-heel shoes that she only wears inside. She's short, so I assume the extra bit of height helps her self esteem. The new invention is high heel socks."
5. "Korea is famous for its knock-off brands. You can buy nice-looking shoes for cheap, so they're available to everyone."
6. "Shined shoes present an image of diligence."

My students on Adoption in Korea: To be continued.


MUD said...

I just looked at some of your links and enjoyed them a lot. Keep up the good work. Are you going to come back to the USA this summer? Either way, good luck and keep up the great posts. MUD

Josh said...

Hi Eva,

Do your students really speak English as well as they do in your quotes or are you putting a little elbow grease to their vocabulary?"

I really miss you.

please visit my blog,

You could say that it's influenced by your site.

Fox said...

Hehe.. I'd get fired right away over there. I love dirty snickers.

Raj said...

hey ur blog has been an excellent window for a sneak peek of Suwon, Its been a great help to me.I wud be coming over to Suwon in the first week of April, was searching the web for info on SK and its culture, after hitting ur blog, guess what... i didnt have to search nyother place... Thanks :)

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I'm from Canada, Mud, and won't be returning until late next fall.

Josh,!? you're hysterical.

And yes, the students' English is that advanced. I only tweaked it a little.

Fox- Yay for comfort! I'll never be as posh as the Koreans ;-(

Raj- Sweet... enjoy Suwon. And catch a bus to Seoul every now and again. You'll have a great time!