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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fashion-Conscious Korea

What's popular in Korea are men who would make attractive women-- tall, thin, dressed in formal attire, not a hair out of place.

The Korean media romanticizes men, presents them as sensitive and vain. I think appearance is more important for men, here, than it is in the west. Men are constantly analyzing each others looks.

In this video clip, taken last night, Sonny discusses his friend's deplorable style. The guy never changes his hat, and *gasp* has oily skin! You don't hear it on the tape but Sonny purchased his friend blotting papers, to "make him feel better about himself."


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely an "exception". kk

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Is "anonymous" actually Min? :)

For those unaware, "kk" is the korean equivalent of "haha"

Fox said...

dang, I wear the same pair of jeans everyday... (unless an occassion calls for a change..)

Thankfully, I ain't got no greasy face. (used double negative to suggest infirmity of this statement)

wheels said...

you're spot on in your observations on young korean men. they're very metrosexual.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I haven't felt stylish one day since I arrived in Korea! As hard as I try, Koreans- Korean guys that is- have me beat. First time I've envied a man's color coordination.

Ed said...

When my friends were watching World Cup 2002, we all mentioned how our mom's loved this dude named Ahn, who was the hero for the Korean team that year, leading them to the semis. That guy totally could've been a girl.

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