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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday at Suwon Station

1st stop: Books Libro on the 3rd floor. It's big like Chapters but not as nice, and with few English books. I picked up this text book for 17 USD. It includes an accompanying listening C.D. and was recommended to me by a salesclerk. It even comes in my favorite color! I've been studying online but there's something nice about a book in your hand.

I also checked out the magazines. A New Yorker? It'll dent your wallet at 12 USD:

The movie theatre on the 6th floor had a meagre selection of English films, and one of them was Adam Sandler's CLICK which got devastating reviews. The theatre usually shows 3 or 4 English movies at a time. None appealed to me, but I did try a strawberry smoothie at the ice cream place. It got my thumbs up!


JR said...

I see you and I are using the same book for Korean studies. It is a good book although the CD sometimes jumps around. Good luck, I hope you are more dedicated than me. I'm enjoying your blog!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

The book = my plans for today! I've slacked off lately. I'm enjoying yours, also! I'm going to make a list of Suwon blogs, soon.

Unknown said...

Eva, Really appreciate your blog, I'm a fellow Canadian coming to Korea to teach English of course! I have an interview for a Suwon placement. I want to know if there is enough (nightlife, markets, exploring etc) in Suwon to occupy me, or will I tire of the area and be longing to live in Seoul? I am 24, male, social, and love adventure. If you can lend some advice I would be eternally great full, would you reply to me via;

Many thanks (eh!)

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