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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kimbap Nara Eats

If you eat at Korea's famous "Kimbap Heaven" restaurants, known for their cheap staple-food, don't get stuck in a rut because you can't read the menu. There's help out there!

Food connoisseur Mary from Mary Eats took on the painstaking task of translating the Kimbap Nara menu. Now a world of Korean food is accessible. Upgrade your kimbap to chamchi kimbap or try Korean dumplings for the first time. The Menu.


Norm said...

Oh my gosh! It's the "lemon" kimchi! I avoided that stuff like the plague on my trip to Suwon, along with every other one of the 100+ varieties of radish kimchi that they serve with every meal. Yuck! I lived on rice, Rib Soup, Bulgogi, Udon noodles, Korean barbeque, and rice for my two- week stay. Did I mention rice...and soup?

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

hahaha.. hey, I got your other comment! My grandmother was born in Rochester, New York ; )

I was just telling a friend tonight how small this world of ours is.

I HATED the yellow radish at first, too, but I've grown accustomed to it.

norm said...

Get outta town! Your nana was born in the Roc? What are the odds that you've even heard of Rochester, let alone have roots there?! It really is a small world.

I don't know how you could ever get used to that stuff. I could live 10 lifetimes and still twinge just looking at it. And the truth is, I'm willing to try almost anything. I love to experience new culture.

I hope everything continues to go well for you. Hold down Suwon...I probably won't be back anytime soon! Peace and elbow grease. :o)