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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Small World After All

Tonight I saw my old Canadian roommate: Hwan. He arrived in Korea after a year as a Montrealer. Actually, everyone who met in Seoul tonight was fresh from Canada.

They each journeyed to Canada alone, met fellow Koreans, and returned to their homeland as best friends. I'm glad my country could bring them together... *sigh*

Me and Hwan. I was so happy to see him I almost cried! Don't ask about the hair. Yes, it's frozen like that. Someone made a "Something about Mary" comment.

We're devouring Korean egg roll, seafood pancake, rice wine, Kimchi tofu, etc. Koreans don't hold back. I used to think of Asians as skinny, but now know Koreans to be skinny (with beer-bellies at different stages.)

Sausages, peanuts and beer. Uri's ripping apart the semi-dried seafood so we can dig in.

We were dining on the heated floor of a traditional Korean restaurant, and I decided to crawl over to the next table and say hello. They had chocolate, and I played my foreigner card to get some. Min said, "it would be something special for them to get their photo taken with a foreigner." Basically I'm an alien.

Kyle, who I met in Canada. Little did I know his hometown is Suwon! We rode the bus back together.


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