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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Words. You are Where you Are.

Now that Suwon feels like home, I've begun considering what I want out of this year. I planned on taking a class at Ajou University but my schedule is unfixed, and impossible to work around. Besides, I'm now certain of my academic plans for my return to Canada.

I went to the Suwon Community Centre today. The selection of English books is sparse but enough for now. I was impressed by a few, like Micheal Cunningham's The Hours. The small library offers classics, and Hangul learning tools, which I need.

The art-marketing site I'm working on is also (slowly) taking form.

Today little Kevin shoved his notebook in my face. The homework was for another teacher's class, so the words came to me out of context:

He must have thought I was crazy when I photographed the page, but the collection of words excited me. I was reminded of abstract poetry exercises I did in my University Creative Writing classes: "Teeth, chin, tooth, eyes, mouth." The words took on fresh meaning.

In other news, my apartment is starting to look more like home. I picked up this massive, framed poster at New Core for $20:

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Josh said...

You're doing the art-marketing site already! I thought we were going to do that together??