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Friday, December 22, 2006

Japanese food and Sun

Japanese Restaurant near Ajou University

Fish Cutlet Spread
5,500 WON/ 5.50 USD

* There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in Korea.

The rice was topped with fish eggs and dried seaweed. Before sticking chop sticks into my tofu noodle soup, I dumped in side dishes of fresh seaweed and kimchi. Each bite of fish was paired with a snick of cabbage in red sauce. Delish!

I went for a walk after lunch. It was a spring-like day. As I walked up the street towards Ajou University, I heard live Korean music get closer. I climbed a wooden walkway. At the top were dancers in traditional garb. The women wore vibrant pinks, blues and yellows. The stage was in the round.

As I stood watching, I felt a tug at my pantleg. I looked down and saw my student, Annie! "Teacher, teacher!" she said, smiling. She hugged my leg. I was so surprised that I almost didn't recognize her. I loved getting a warm greeting out of the blue, like that. Suwon felt more like home.

Tomorrow evening, Min and Young are visiting from Seoul. We'll be going out and I'll be sure to take a few photos. I'll also comment on "Christmas in Korea."

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Brian said...

I miss this place :( I think it's near the fitness center complex.