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Friday, December 08, 2006

Woncheon Amusement Park & fallen leaves

It's 4:00 on Saturday and I just came back from a fall-like day with Chung. We took a bus to Woncheon Amusement Park: a 1190000sqm wide park built on woods and a reservoir.

Leonard Cohen says everything has a crack in it- that's how the light gets in. The park was old, rusty and fantastical, with the air of a ghost town. There were swan boats to ride around a pond, princess chairs knocked over and broken mirrors.

It felt like Canada's autumn, even though it's nearly mid-December. The trees were bony and had lost their leaves. We kept our cold hands in our pockets. Most of the rides weren't in use- just a few kiddy ones. Chung said it's the gaming influence. Boys would rather sit in front of a computer than ride the ferriswheel.

Leaving the grounds, we saw an old man in a toque beside an open fire. He was selling something. As soon as I asked Chung what, he approached the man and bought us a brown bag of what turned out to be baked sweet potatoes- 4 of them for 3 USD.

We hopped in a cab and he told the driver to swing by Ajou University. I got a good view and was excited about the nearby shops and bars. It's fun to see a new part of town. We ended up at a Japanese restaurant. I got a delicious, hot bowl of soup with beef, mushrooms and tofu. I don't remember what Chung ate. I was too mesmerized by the tiny orange fish eggs he brought to his mouth on chop sticks.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch his baseball game. He told me to bring a blanket to wrap around myself as I watch. We have so many plans for the future. Soon we're taking a train to the Oceanside where I'll tour the South Korean marine operation. A tour of the DMZ costs 70 dollars! This will be cheaper, and probably more interesting.

I have to get ready for the party tonight. I promise to catch up on my e-mails when I get home.

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