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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Suwon Youth Cultural Centre

Korea is the land of side-dishes. For $4USD tonight, I ate this hot, nutritious meal. I loved the chewy rice cakes in my soup- the kind eaten for breakfast on Lunar New Years. I've noticed Koreans serve more food than they expect you to eat. There's cultural emphasis on communal eating, and side dishes facilitate sharing.

My favorite food is Indian. I love spice, but my sinuses are still adapting to foreign cuisine. A runny nose and lips turned red by chili pepper are a matter of course. Blowing your nose at the table is considered very rude in Korean culture. I wipe discreetly!

This evening I took a grand tour of Suwon Youth Cultural Centre:

The building (from left to right): library, pool & gym, basketball court, theatre showing plays and musicals.

You can only borrow 3 books at a time.

This photo doesn't do the pool justice; it's enormous!
I can't wait to dive in this weekend.


Kiju said...

I think "sharing" is also one of our unique culture. For example, we call each other's house "our house" not "my house" among friends. In this year,all of Koreans people were all together to cheer up Korean soccer team during World Cup 2006. I also think Koreans are easily altoghered.
But this aspect of characteristic of our nation is also great social problem in Korean. Because we can't accept mixed Korean. So they are isolated by Korean society. United and Isolated um......Double standard..

Gdog said...

Eva, your blog is great. Keep it up! :)