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Monday, December 04, 2006

Trusting Nature of Koreans

You feel it. Koreans trust in people's integrity.

Shops leave stacked chairs outside, even at night.
I've heard numerous stories about foreigners losing things: wallets, cameras etc. to have them immediately returned.

Food delivered from Korean restaurants comes on dishes. You simply set the used saucers and plates outside of your door and someone picks them up later. Leaving my apartment yesterday morning, I saw a pile of dishes waiting for the delivery guy. I thought, 'but someone could so easily steal those!'

I'm broke right now because I was paid on November 15th for the previous month, even though I arrived near the end of October!

Money wired from my Canadian account, 6 days ago, has yet to arrive. I have dry food: pasta and rice but nothing to put on it and nothing to drink. In Canada I'd be freaking but, here, I bet I could walk into any restaurant I frequent, explain my situation, and be fed. It's comforting. If worse comes to worse tomorrow, I might test out my hypothesis and beg the Kimchi waitress for a hot meal on a rain check.


Melodie said...

Hey, I like your blog! My boyfriend and I are also here teaching in Suwon. I read earlier about your problem withdrawing money. He has a Scotiacard and I have a Bank of Montreal card. Both cards work at the Hana Bank. You should try there if you haven't already! Hope that helps!

Eva said...

That's great you're here together. I miss my boyfriend!! Are you blond? Maybe it was you guys Chung mistook as my friends!

I'd love to read YOUR blog! E-mail me the address if want.

It's unfortunate I already paid the wiring fee but the Hana bank advice is invaluable for the future! Where can I find one? (Near Home Plus? Suwon Station? Hotel Castle?)

Thanks again,


Gdog said...

Hi Eva, the blog looks great so far! I hope you can get some money and eat soon. If all else fails, eat nothing but kimbab!! :)

Melodie said...

No, I guess I'm not your long lost twin as I'm not blonde. Our blog is
There is a Hana bank machine at Suwon Station on the first floor of the mall. There is also a Hana Bank beside the Galleria Department Store (near Homeplus, City Hall). Enjoy your noodles!