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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Korean E-mail, back by popular request ; )

Friendship and community are of utmost importance to Koreans. They cling to ties: "We share a similar family name," or, "we used to play on a baseball team together." (Anything!) A Korean walking down the street, arm in arm with friends, is considered happy and prosperous.

"What's individuality?" My students had difficulty with the 'Personality Types and Emotions' chapter. Once they understood the vocabulary, I asked them to describe the character of their classmates. Utter silence! I thought they'd at least be able to discuss behavior.

So far, Chung Lim Jang is the best Korean friend I've made. He has given Koreans a good name; he's kind, loyal, generous and happy to lend a helping hand or introduce me to a new food/custom. In exchange, he gets free English lessons! We talk non-stop.

He quit his job to focus soley on studying English! He returns to University in March- the first of the Korean school year. Until then, English is his purpose. E.S.L. is now considered a job prerequisite in Korea, like French is in Quebec and Ottawa: our nation's capital.

Saturday I'm traveling to Seoul to buy a camera, and Sunday I've been invited to Chung's end-of-season baseball party with a grand Korean buffet. mmmmm. Maybe we'll visit the Traditional Korean Folk Village beforehand, and I can put my Canon to use.

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Subject: When you can Free ? :)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 02:18:58 +0900 (KST)

Hello Very strong teacher -_-¤»¤»¤»¤»¤»

When you early end school ? I want Sunday before go out with you .

Talk about Camera and something ....

Now me get down to English Study .. yesterday . me done English exam ( by Website )

Me write 56% right but listen 82% right .. that time i come to one's memory you ... thank you Eva..

The thing with you to be meeting i auto Friendly English and life study ... you very strong women ....

I again say you. The thing with you to meet Very lucky my life .......

I want you teach Food menu you always go (kim - bab - chun - guk) or another Food store (Reason : if you want

different Food ) Also .. i want to give food price :)

( Although i am the student I gathered the money a little bit as worked. Also i many work ( 2004 / 4~9 ~ ) , ( 2006/9~11)

From now on . i effort (you think me a very good friend ) ... really :)

Take rest and Good luck ^^
- write by your korean friend ccl-

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Anonymous said...

Korean Foods is special, similar to Chinese Foods.
but please tell me why you use Scotiabank bank card outside Canada ?
well I can not read all blog page to find out.