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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Easy Dukbokki Recipe

For main ingredients
1 Instant noodle pack.
300g Fresh rice cakes (about 30 pieces)
120g Fish cake (4 sheets)
1 Onion
4 Leaves of napa cabbage
1 stalk Green onion (optional)
8 Instant dumplings (optional)
1½ cups Water

For sauce (Mix well in a bowl)
4t Gochujang
4t Dark brown sugar
1t Minced garlic
1t Chili powder (Gochutgaru in Korean)

1. If using pre packaged rice cakes, soak them in cold water for 20 minutes before you use them. 2. Thin slice the onion and diagonally slice the spring onion.
3. Rinse the fish cakes in hot water. (To clean the oil coating from its surface)
4. Cut the fish cakes and cabbage into medium size pieces.
Cooking (I cooked them on a portable burner, it is the restaurant style of eating) eating)
5. Pour the water into the pot. Start to boil it.
6. Add the sauce and stir it well.
7. Add all the other ingredients. (reduce the heat to medium to low)
8. Stir them well.
From the My Korean Kitchen Website.


Sam said...

I love how in the summer ddeokbokki is so spicy it looks like it's physically causing the children pain, but they can't help from shoveling it on in.

Michael said...

Mmmm, dukbokki: the perfect late night street food.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

hahhaha ... my students swarm to me like mosquitos when I eat ddeokbokki between classes. they come to me with paper cups and BEG for a spicy rice cake

Anonymous said...

Instead of using the chilli paste (ko-chu-jang), it'll be a good trial to use a glass of Sprite. Trust me. ;-)

vanveghel said...

I tried my hand at your recipe the day before yesterday, and posted a write-up about it on my weblog! Not bad for a first attempt - I'll try giving it a little more color and spice the next time around!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Wow, Jasper! Good job! You're right- it didn't look anywhere near as spicy as it should have been! That stuff should set your mouth on fire.

I couldn't remember EXACTLY what tae hun and I did, so I found a "similar" recipe

Welcome to Korea, btw!! hope you guys are having a good time.

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhhhh my gosh! I wish I had read this post earlier! My students were CRAVING Korean food and if I only knew how to make a few dishes, they wouldn't have missed Korean food so much! I did make my version of Bibimbap, which went over well! Oh, and we took them to a Korean restaurant in Montreal a few weeks ago. The students said it was as authentic as they get for a Canadian restaurant.