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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Japanese food & Walker-Hill Casino

Saturday, my Japanese friend Hiroko and I went out for dinner with her coworkers in Itaewon, then to the elegant Paradise Walker-Hill Casino near Seoul Station. By law, Korean casinos are for foreigners only, so we saw a lot of tourists hitting the tables and slot machines. Drinks are free and the hotel is stunning.

Itaewon, also known as Western Town, is home to a variety of International cuisine including Mexican, Indian and Ethiopian. We had Japanese food, pictured below.

Photo time:

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Natasha said...

Eva! I'm back from my holiday in Taiwan, HK, Malaysia, and Singapore -- must finish catching up on your blog! haha
I was also surprised how much people in HK love corn. Their corn is nothing like our corn at home. Their corn looks shriveled.. like great grandma's teeth ahha.. They even sell corn niblet snacks at 711!

Anyway, glad to know you're blog is still being updated often! Can't wait to read what I've missed.

Sam said...

There's a decent Greek restaurant in Itaewon. I like Korean food and all, but Moussaka (even mediocre) after months of soup and rice is Manna, mildly put.

That was a lot of Ms...

Anonymous said...

Ummn, why the heck are the casinos there only for foreigners??

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Personally I think it's a great thing. The government could be making a lot of money through casino taxes but they're protecting the Korean people.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Hi Natasha!!! ;o)))
Wow, that sounds like some vacation! Amazing. Please blog it.

hahhaha.. the corn as shriveled teeth're so cute.

CathIe said...

i like your blog so much.. its really helpful on my part because i have many korean friends.. reading your blog makes me understand their culture in some ways.. im a new user of this site.. maybe you can help me with my page.. lolz

keep it up! ^_^

Anonymous said...
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