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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chamchi Jiggae

As a fan of kimchi jiggae and a fan of tuna, I've been meaning to try chamchi jiggae for a while now. I ordered it for lunch the other day but wasn't impressed. There was tuna, and chunks of onion in a chili-hot pork broth, but very little kimchi.

The big spoonfulls of tuna were chewy in texture-- it was overload! Mmm, cat food. Has anyone else had a better chamchi jiggae experience?


Craig said...

Love your posts w/pictures about Korean food and drinks.

No experience with chamchi jiggae for me. In fact, I can honestly say that today is the first time I have said those words!


Anonymous said...


As a person who has neither tried kimchi kiggae nor tuna, and has not at this time been to Korea, I cannot weigh in on the subject.

On another subject, yesterday at my night class my teacher said that the latest publishing craze in virtually every genre is North Americans writing about their experiences teaching english in Korea. I guess teaching english in Korea appeals to an english graduate who is in need of a job, some adventure, and a setting for the novels and poems in their head.

After she said this, she read from a story where the main character's name was "Eva." She must have said "Eva" twenty times, and although this Eva was not teaching english in Korea, I swerve away from thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

edit: "I could not swerve.."

anyways, goodnight.

Samuel Kiehoon Lee said...

Chamchi, as you probably guessed, is tuna. So you can get chamchi kim bap, or chamchi whatever. So basically, chamchi jiggae (stew), is kimchi jiggae without the kimchi, and tuna in it's stead.

Gary said...

I love chamchi jiggae. The only problem is I sweat profusely when I eat's spicy!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

A Korean told me jiggae is not just "stew" but implies "shared" stew where "guk" is soup- in a singular soup bowl.

Craig- Cool. Food posts are quick n' easy! I'll do more.

Josh- Interesting (about the craze in Korea-themed writing.)

Sam- But do you LIKE chamchi jiggae? ; )

Samuel Kiehoon Lee said...

Actually I've never tried it, mainly because I'm not a fan of tuna. Plus, with your endorsement, I don't think I ever will. But never say never.

BTW, great blog! Keep up the good work.

Just wondering, as a fellow Canadian, don't you miss hockey?

Eric said...


I too have never had Kimchi, however the food posts ARE fun. I think I will post a few when I am back in Belarus at the end of March.

Thanks for the link to my blog.


anandi said...

did read your blog..
Its nice..

but what stuff is kimchi jiggae made of

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Eric: No problem!

Gary: But you'll eat anything! P.S: After you did your skiing post, I can't get my hands on enough Snickers bars.

Anandi: Under 'Korea Links: Travel & Teaching', I have a Kimchi URL. Kimchi is fermented cabbage. Main flavors= hot red pepper & garlic.

Sam: Your writing is great. Made me laugh. I'll add you to my links. / I've only been to one Montreal Canadians game.

Gary said...

Wow, I'm glad you picked up on that Snickers plug...thanks! ;)

...and yes, I will eat anything...I'm always hungry! Keep up the food posts, people love them!!

Anonymous said...

Don't eat too much tuna. At home in Canada, a recent research discovered that most of the tunas sold in supermarkets are contaminated with toxins. Tunas live in oceans, and pollution at sea is getting worse. I wouldn't eat tuna more then once or twice a month.

Anonymous said... about other species of fish?they also live in oceans..that means they are contaminated with toxin too..