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Friday, February 16, 2007

Korea: Photos from Today

You never get "America" here, without a Korean twist. Chung took me out for my birthday tonight with a black forest cake under his arm. The catch? We couldn't eat it until we finished our platter of grisly chicken feet. They tasted exactly how they look:

A Suwon park. It's February, yet it felt like springtime. I wore only a sweater. Most parks have exercise equipment and this one was no exception. I saw about 10 seniors using the equipment to stretch.

Korean vehicles are "Euro" in design, and come in only 3 colors: black, white and silver. If you want, say, a blue car you usually have to special order it at a cost.

The use of English in Korea can be perplexing! I once snickered at a girl wearing a "NICE BODY" shirt, and was informed that no one pays much attention to the meaning of English on clothes.

Words are simply part of the design. I guess there's no use trying to figure out what "I used to fed but now I car see" means:


Anonymous said...

That makes a lot of sense to me, because Japanese and Chinese lettering is so popular in Canada; on shirt, on designs, for tattoos..and we don't usually have any clue what it means. I've always wondered if the girls walking around with Asian symbols on the small of their backs really have symbol for "love" or "stupid American gave me 20$ to put this on her body"

OhTheJoys said...

When I was traveling in Vietnam in 2002 I got a notebook that said, "May the winds blow you youth etherness."


Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Oh The Joys: hahahha YES I see stuff like that all the time.

Josh: Exactly.