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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cheap Korean Food

Simmered log-form rice cakes in red pepper sauce, flavored with processed fish, cabbage, onions, carrots and leaks. Rabbogie is Dokboggie (which you can buy on the side of the road for 1 or 2 USD) + ramyeon noodles. Definite comfort food. You might not like it the first time but I swear you'll be addicted in no time.

Soft tofu (dubu is tofu, sundubu is soft tofu), freshly cracked egg, chili peppers, a few clams, onions and deunjang paste. Served with rice (what isn't!?)

Kimchi Dapbap: kimchi fried rice. You can also get it with beef. Delicious, filling, very flavorful-- almost like Indian food.

What do you think of these dishes? Let me know!


Craig said...

I was waiting for a final picture with "priceless" on it (ala the Mastercard ads). ; )

Off to the kitchen. It all made me hungry.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

I think the cooking world calls up close shots of food that make you hungry, "food p***."

I'm happy to post photos of Korean food because apparently it has a really bad reputation!

Before I came to Korea, I was warned about 10 times that there's a grey gravy blanketing all the dishes.

MUD said...

From my limited knowledge there are two kinds of Kimchi, one the spring or summer that is fresh garden vegs and the winter that is so much of the hot radish and Horseradish that you can hardly eat it. Which do they use in their Fried Rice? I really love both but the effects of the winter Kimchi are bad. My system process it well but creates methane gas in copious quantities. Cabbage farts are hard on relationships. MUD