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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Review of VIPS Restaurant , Suwon

I went to VIPS tonight with Hwan and his cousin who visited me in Suwon. We wanted Korean food but parking was impossible to find. I even asked my landlord if we could park in the lot, but she wouldn't have it. It seems VIPS is good for one thing: free parking!!

American-style family restaurants are popular in Korea. There was a 30 minute wait, but we were provided with entertainment: Make your own Cookies! Those are my beautiful creations, above. When you've moulded your shapes, a hostess pops them into the oven.

VIPS is kid friendly. Ju-Suk and I adopted this random Korean girl. I helped her make a star-shaped cookie and she told me I'm pretty.

If you're a foreigner moving to Korea, you better get used to compliments fast; sometimes it feels like a compliment is the Korean greeting. Koreans compliment each other all the time.

Ju-Suk and I both opted for a glass of white wine and the salad bar. Accustomed to my tasty 3 dollar Korean meals, 20 bucks for a SALAD BAR seemed overpriced:

Like most buffets, there was quantity- a big spread! Unlimited coffee, tea, soda, sushi and smoked salmon were nice to have but none of the dishes excited my taste buds.

If I'm dragged back again, I'll order steak pasta. It looked good. Hwan's prime steak was delicious, but the portion was small and he got fries instead of the sweet potato he asked for.

Oh, look at my new shoes:

Girls- If you're on the market for stylish but comfortable shoes in Suwon, look for the "Mook Design" brand at New Core.


Josh said...

I was happy for you until the last two lines, which I didn't like.

Gdog said...

I love VIPS in Korea. The salad bar is a fantastic deal to load up on veggies that you normally wouldn't find in a Korean supermarket. I haven't tried the steak though.

As for the compliments thing, I know what you mean. I have students calling me "handsome" all the time--even the boys!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not taking those complements too seriously. It's just a Korean way of saying 'you're a swell guy/gal'. Unfortunately, many Westerners take bait hook and sink.

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Really GDog? I guess I just don't eat enough to "get my money's worth." I wanted tupperware ; )

Anonymous, of course I'm not. What a rude thing to say! I said, "it's like the Korean GREETING," meaning they compliment everyone, even each other.

Josh, it was a joke. I deleted the lines for you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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