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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prescription Refills in Korea

Ajou International Health Care clinic, Suwon

Moving to Korea isn't like spending a summer in Switzerland. Chances are your skin and hair won't flourish in the new atmosphere.

At first sight of a cloud, Koreans hold up an umbrella to protect themselves from acid rain. Many wear face masks to avoid the polluted air, and worse: yellow dust.

My skin has broken out because of the daily kimchi and bad air quality. You can't drink tap water in Korea, so it probably isn't doing my skin much good either.

I was in for a shock today. I went back the the pharmacy to retrieve my second of 3 tubes, and was told that there are NO refills in Korea- for any prescription. When I purchased only one, the other two were cancelled via phone with the dermatologist's permission- but unbeknownst to me!

To see the doctor at Ajou it costs 15,000W, but it's the futility of returning to retrieve prescriptions already prescribed. This is a warning to all of you re-fillers out there!

Also, aesthetic meds. aren't covered by insurance, in Korea. The topical medication was reasonably priced, though, at about 20 USD a tube.

When I see a doctor next week, at least I'll have an excuse to get a short Coffee of the Day, at the in-hospital Starbucks pictured above. It's the cheapest drink, running at about 2.50USD.


Gary said...

"My skin has broken out because of the daily kimchi..."

Eva, I apologize for causing your skin so much harm!!! Don't hurt me!

Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

hahaha, as soon as I wrote it, I thought of you.

Eric said...

Sheesh! And here in Canada if you get another multi-refill prescription and hand it in at the pharmacy they automatically cancel any balance on the previous one. These are live and learn moments for us aging baby boomers (not you of course Eva).

Still loving the blog .. I may not comment often but I enjoy every post.


Anonymous said...

how do koreans have such perfect skin? with all the problems foreners encounter with their skin on moving to korea?

Unknown said...

tap water in korea is well purified enough drink. but most korean drink so called mineral water or use water purifier only because they feel or think better about it. it's matter of feelings mostly.

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