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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Swapping Countries

Hwan: "Hey Eva, did you know the REASON Koreans don't sleep on beds is that the floor is the heat source? The hottest spot is considered the place of honour!"

Eva: "Hwan, that's facinating! Tell me more!"

On Saturday, my old roommate and I met up in Montreal one last time. I can't wait to experience his country. He is, in turn, prolonging his stay in Canada until February. He taught me how to say "hello" and "I love you" in Hangul and, as Josh amusedly looked on, I tried it out on a couple of Koreans at the internet cafe. They may have snickered at my pronunciation but I was pleased they understood me at all!

My flight out of Ottawa was scheduled for 8AM this morning but there was a VISA processing delay at the Korean Embassy in Toronto so I had to postpone departure until next Monday. My bags are packed, I've already said goodbye to family and friends (photos posted soon) so this 'waiting' thing is pretty darn anticlimatic! It's a rainy, sluggish day in Brockville Ontario... Suwon awaits.


Gdog said...

Hi Eva,

Have a safe trip to Korea and I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my blog!

We both are positive people and like to see the good sides of things in life. Ignore the Korea haters out there, they just need to get on a plane and fly back home.

As for the picture, I don't mind you using it as long as you mention it was taken by me.

Also, I am going to link to your blog. I hope you put a link back to my blog on your site!

Enjoy your trip!

Josh said...

Hey loyal blog readers,

I thought I'd give the perspective of the boyfriend; of the one being left, instead of the one doing the leaving.

"Departure Day" must be terrifying and exciting for the person going to Korea. Still..don't forget about the boyfriend/family of the loved, loved, loved one. I know the people reading this are fellow travellers who share a common experience. So this "comment" is that untold underbelly of the traveller's lifestyle; that person who's seldom talked about; the boyfriend left behind.

I'm stuck in the same slab of Montreal cement scenery with the same rotation of birds and traffic lights. My day-to-day life is pock-marked and coffee stained from years of over use, while Eva's landing down on a canvas as white and pure as this winter's virginal snow fall. Eva's been gone for less than a day and I already see her everywhere. I know that I'll ache for her when I go anywhere I've been with her -- and that's almost everywhere in Montreal and Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States! That's a lot of memory looking back at me from familiar objects. Strands of Eva's hair (mixed with her aunt's cat's) are still caught on my jacket and I can still (for the last time until I visit her in a couple of months) say proudly that I slept at her place; that I've kissed her today. The one being left behind clings to these goodbye kisses and curses his body for regenerating skin cells which replace the one's who knew you that last moment.

I miss you so much and I am so, so, so, so...tired. Waking up at 4:30 is no treat. Spending the whole day at work longing for you -- and having about thirty 20 second panic attacks at the thought of not holding you -- can beat a man down and have him wailing for his sheets.

Of course, I'm sure you're even more tired; unfamiliar bed, unfamiliar language, unfamiliar smells... but please imagine me beside you in bed. I know I am. I'm hugging you in my head. I know this first week will be incredibly exciting. And you're starting work at just the right time; before the lack of structure catches up to you.


sweepy Josh

Eva said...

GDOG- I WILL post your link and credit you for the photo. I just can't figure out how (to post the link...)

I got to Suwon last night and I start training today, on very little sleep, and pretty culture shocked but I'll post soon, everyone.

Thanks for the kind words Josh. I miss you too.

Anonymous said...

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